About Us

About Rhinohorn Sales, LLC

Rhinohorn Sales, LLC, a Florida corporation, was established in 2007. Owners Jeff and Lora Hunt wanted control of their own destiny, and coupled that with a burning desire to succeed. Jeff is a State of Florida Licensed Air Conditioning Contractor, and Lora is a Registered Medical Assistant.

The internet was becoming a very significant part of commerce. Getting started was very affordable compared to other, more conventional types of business start-ups.

Both owners had previous experience in retail environments and understood customer service. Jeff and Lora had worked for some very savvy business owners in the past. Owners who were great mentors.

The first website was launched in 2007 and was centered around weather preparedness. Although the site did not generate a significant revenue stream, much knowledge and experience was gained that would pay off in the future.

In 2010, Lora suggested that Jeff build the business by focusing on the industry that he had been in since 1994 – Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC).

In 2011, Jeff left the employment of others to devote all of his working time to building the business, while Lora provided their main income.

Although the HVAC site was growing, by the end of 2011 and some consulting work had supplemented that growth, Jeff decided that there had to be another way to accelerate the growth.

With help and advice from local air conditioning company owners and a good local website design company, a fresh, new direction was pioneered.

Since late 2011, Rhinohorn Sales has launched several additional sites – all centered around existing successful HVAC companies. The sites compliment the company’s existing website by coupling it with a shopping cart site where their customers can purchase certain replacement products at a significantly reduced rate, and have them delivered directly to their home or place of business.

The concept benefits the HVAC company by reducing inventory, loss associated with delivery, and the costs of additional trips to deliver the items. The customer benefits by lower prices and higher value.

Our Mission Statement

To effectively establish channels between contractors and their customers that strengthens their relationships and is beneficial to both.

We are growing. As we grow, we will continue to offer services, training, and ideas that will be based upon that statement.