Shopping Cart Options

Complete Website Option

We provide a complete shopping cart site that is designed to match your existing company website. This shopping cart site is separate from yours, but is linked to it. You drive your customers to this site via links from your website, your office staff, and field technicians. We pay all website expenses, operate the site, process and ship all orders, provide your customers with email status updates including shipment tracking, and provide a way for your company, your customers, and your employees to benefit from the experience. This option allows for more customization for special programs and needs by your company.

Examples of this type of site can be found by clicking the button below. The slider at the top of the page contains examples of filter sites designed to look like the parent company sites. Click the slider to see the sites:

Complete Site

Embedded Website Option


We provide code to embed a generic version of our air filter shopping cart into your existing website. We provide all order processing services listed above. You or your webmaster provide a page for the generic shopping cart to reside, and install the code from the generic site. This version offers little if any customization, but is still fully functional. No links to another site are necessary, and your customers only need to visit your existing site to be directed to the shopping page.

Click here to see and use a fully functional version of this option.

Embedded Site